We are platinum supporters of Backup, the technical entertainment charity!
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STNDBY TECHNICAL GEAR Co - Stylish, hard-wearing gear; made by crew, for crew.
        The live events industry is powered by blood, sweat and tears. By late nights and early starts, by days on the road, by people who love what they do and live off the buzz of an audience, their lives changed even just for that one night.
        Hard-working crew need hard-wearing gear. Clothes and accessories that solve-problems and stand up to the dust, mud and smoke of the show. Enter STNDBY – products that work as hard as you do.
Origin Story.
        When lighting and production designer Tom Campbell and host, producer and entrepreneur James Murden first met they were on different sides of the camera, but through the years working together both recognised a gap in the market for a brand that targeted live events professionals – the crew – and the unique problems they face finding practical, high-quality and good-looking gear.
True to form, they set about finding a solution, bringing together a steering group of industry professionals including event directors, floor managers, camera operators, sound engineers and everything in-between to start to conceive products that would become “must-haves” for anyone in the industry.
        Firstly, they needed to be practical. Every product would offer hidden features, additional functionality, and be developed with the same kind of innovative thinking that goes into designing a new arena show.
They had to be sustainable – long-lasting, hard-wearing and ethically-sourced. The events industry is working hard to reduce its environmental footprint, and any forward-thinking brand would play its part.
        And of course they had to be stylish. It might be dark outside when you start and finish work, you might be sat on a perch 100 feet above the audience you might be covered in paint, oil, mud and who knows what else – but it doesn’t mean you can’t look good too.
        After months of research and development and rigorous testing by real crew in the real world, the STNDBY flagship product range launched in 2020. Offering customised gear, gifting options and tour swag, and with partnerships with industry leaders such as Avolites and Dirty Rigger, the STNDBY’s future is bright, loud and built to last.
The Brand.
        “Standby” is a term every crew member has heard thousands of times. It means be prepared, get ready for action, something big is about to happen. That’s why we chose it for our brand; whether you need a quick phone charge or access to your passport, our gear is always on STNDBY to keep you moving as fast as your job does.
        Our iconic teardrop logo is a visual representation of a light wave and a sound wave colliding, representing the blood, sweat and tears of the crew across every department that forms the beating heart of our industry.
Paying It Forward
        As crew, we stick together, we support each other, and we have each other’s backs. That’s why we are platinum supporters of Backup, the technical entertainment charity, and a percentage of our profits go directly to them providing financial support to entertainment technology industry professionals who are seriously ill or injured or to their surviving family members.
It’s fantastic to see a new brand launching, particularly in such a tough climate, and we’re delighted they have chosen to support Backup. Every donation is important to us and helps us to help those in our industry who are in desperate need. STNDBY choosing to support Backup with a percentage of their profits, right from the very start, is extremely generous and we know will be appreciated by the industry as a whole.” – John Simpson, Backup Chairman